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Proud to share the following success stories. Some people share their success story some don't. Please find below the successful marriage proposal stories people have shared with me. No fee was charged before or after.

69 Success Stories So Far

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RPAK4929 - Hi admin, Please delete my profile from RPAK4929 Reason: Thank you. The purpose to create this account is completed. Thank you and bless you. Regards, Amir
RPAK5089 - Hi admin, Please delete my profile from RPAK5089 Reason: I have found my soulmate.
RPAK4114 - ya found my soulmate so i am not keep my profile here thanks for introduced me
MY - Dear admin, Thanks a lot for your free services.I found my soul mate on this website.Please delete my id RPAK4941 now.Thanks once again..JazakaLLAH May ALLAH bless you.
anonymous - Yup i found a rishta frm here n nw i want to delte my account
sukhan - very good response from your site Thankx RishtaPakistan
RPAK2487 - i am bro of the girl n ALHUMDULLIAH find perfect match for my sister,stay bless you are doing a perfect job
Mahi - Hi admin, Please delete my profile RPAK3684 Reason: Thanx i got my soul mate on urs rishtapakistan.com im soo happy thanx thanx alottttt
Yasi - Finally door open to success. Thanks to Rishta Pakistan admin and all team. God bless forever upon all of you. So delete my profile RPAK1547
SaM - I am sooo happy that i found my brother's rishta from ur website Alhamdullilah!! Finally found Mere Brother ki Dulhan Mashallah se :=) Words cannot express how successful this experience has been!! I seriously started looking into these online proposals last November even though the account was made in Feb 2014 so within 5 months i succeeded!! Whoever you are and whoever created this free website is gonna get many other success stories n i guess this is just the beginning of a new chapter for all of ur team!! Many duas n good wishes for uu for creating such a valuable source of info abt good proposal families for many families out der who r desperately in need to find suitable matches for der sons n daughters!! The matrimonial aunties meaning rishtey walis av all failed to give such good rishtas n demand more n more for no reason!! I hope you continue ur efforts in bringing more families together on dis online platform! I also pray that now i find a suitable match for my sister too from this platform!! My sister's ID is RPAK2932 !! Wishing u many more successes to come!! Aameen!!
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