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Proud to share the following success stories. Some people share their success story some don't. Please find below the successful marriage proposal stories people have shared with me. No fee was charged before or after.

74 Success Stories So Far

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Id 12020 - Kindly delete my profile from RPAK12020 Reason: i found my partner through your website ... thank you so much admin.
tkhan - i find my lifepatner through your shadi site. thanks alot. Admin plz delete my profile.
RPAK11276 - Admin! you are doing great job. i just give you dua's and wishes. i found my match from your sites. love you and be happy.
RPAK10133 - Dear Admin, Yes Alhamdulillah I found it from your Web. I appreciate your efforts for a good cause and no doubt this is the best platform and matrimonial website I found so far. I am soon gonna engaged to RPAK10218 but they have already removed their profile from this site. Her sister contacted me from UK and then we met and things are on the right path ma sha Allah. I tired alot searching a match before using your Web. I will always refer and referring people to your Web and Allah will reward you in the best manners in sha Allah. You are doing great job and Jazak Allah for all. People like you are the real human beings. Please pray for me and for her that Allah bless us with the best in the stages of life. Thank you alot. Regards
Rpak8376 - Kindly admin remove my add... i got my perfect match from yur site.. thnks RPAK8376
Aaaa - Hi admin it's me 9634 Lots of thanks It's very useful website I finally found my match So please delete my id Thanks
RPAK8897 - Hi admin, Please delete my profile from RPAK8897 Reason: i have found my partner through you, thank you very much .i much appreciate your RishtaPakistan,Com. i am so happy once again thankyou best regards farooq
RPAK8370 - Hi admin, Please delete my profile from RPAK8370 Reason: bandle of tnx .due to this web site i got my partener.jzak Allah.it is v useful .tnx alot
RPAK7331 - Hi admin, Please delete my profile from RPAK7331 Reason: I have got my soul mate from rishta pakistan.
RPAK6745 - Hi admin, Please delete my profile from RPAK6745 Reason: thnx to rishtapak team .i have found my rishta here may Allah bless you . plz delete my profile .thnx
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